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design work and art work by yves michel

Raynald Michel Dentistry- Logo Design



RAYNALD MICHEL DENTISTRY LOGO- Logo designed for Raynald Michel DDS’ dental office in Fort-Lauderdale, FL. The final design reflects the client’s appreciation for a minimalist aesthetic. The design was meant to capture the client’s initials in the form of an abstract tooth to avoid the trend of traditional dentist logos. Purple is the color chosen to represent the client’s personality and personal history which is also present in the office’s design.


LIGER REALTY LOGO- Logo designed for LIGER REALTY. The client had a strong interest in symbolism and having a clear view of what the company represented and the logo was designed as a crest/shield with symbols researched to communicate the client’s values.


LA LOUPE LOGO (UNIVERSITÉ DU QUÉBEC À TROIS-RIVIÈRE)- LA LOUPE is a forensics lab accessible to the public at UQTR . The design is a play on the glass combined with the eye and the finger print to convey the eye’s iris.