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design work and art work by yves michel

peco ping-pong table


PECO | PING PONG TABLE_Urban Furniture (2015)

The stylish PECO ping-pong table prototype was designed and built by Montreal based MOB. The initial design was made by Eric Filteau of MO and the table was built with Atelier B. I was asked to adjust the design and made changes to the design of the net and the "flat bar feet".

Peco is designed as an outdoor/city park urban furniture. The table is named Peco after the main character of a popular Japanese Manga/ Anime titled Ping Pong (Pin Pon). MOB wanted to take a fresh new approach to usually straight forward designed tables with a minimalist design, angular features and an asymmetric supporting structure. The table top is made of black concrete, supported by a Corten steel structure and a net also made of Corten steel.


PECO II | PING PONG TABLE_Urban Furniture (2018)

This version of the PECO table has been redesigned while keeping the signature elements of the prototype table. This version is designed to be modular and can be assembled in a fraction of the time necessary to assemble the prototype version. The tables in the pictures below were commissioned by the CSDM (Commission Scolaire de Montréal) and the two tables are installed at L’ École De La Dauversière. The tables are built in collaboration with Atelier Gris.