YAMi Creative
design work and art work by yves michel



This a collection of projects done while working within the Reebok Advanced Concepts team (now Reebok Future)


The MECHA, for mechanical outsole, was a self-initiated conceptual project for an outsole originally inspired by the Michelin Tweel. The concept eventually took on a slightly different direction while retaining the basic idea of designing an outsole not relying on the principle of "cylindrical compression" (like vertical cylinder/Nike Shox and horizontal cylinder Adidas A3) or entirely relying on EVA for cushioning.



The FlyTrap was my first project at Reebok. The concept was to use a mechanical enclosure to lock the foot the foot in the shoe. The user simply had to slide the foot in and lock up the mechanism. I came into the project some time after the initial designs had begun under the name “Gull Wing”. The primary issue with the shoe at the time was that it was designed with a large plastic component and a mechanism that would not properly lock.

My contribution to this concept was to redesign the shoe by applying the principle of a ski boot’s mechanism to lock the foot in the shoe, reduce the size of the plastic mechanism and to place the heel’s EVA on the outside of the mechanism to soften the step hence making the shoe less clunky.

This project remained at the conceptual level.